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LGD Replacement Pickup Bags

The K-Rosco Jacket
Pickup Bags
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Replacement Pickup Bags

US $11.00

Voted by K-Rosco Jacket owners to be the number #1 feature of the K-Rosco Dog Walking Utility Jacket! These bio-degradable LGD "pick-up" bags really save each dog owner/walker the time and frustration of grabbing and stuffing the typical grocery bags in pockets! Easy access, with a specially design cargo pocket for each bag roll, and for convenience, each bag's tear line is noted with a broken white line, so you won't get frustrated with searching for where each bag ends and pulling out more than one. The K-Rosco Dog Walking Utility Jacket comes supplied with 50 LGD Pick-up Bags (2 rolls ? 25 bags each). Additional LGD Pick-up bags available in 4 ? 25 bag per roll packs.