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At Let's Go Designs, Inc. we understand and are very aware of the respect and responsibility we have in protecting any and all personal information we gather on our web site from our customers and those who are just "checking us out" via the internet web site.

Please know that all personal data that we receive will not be given, sold or shared with any other outside company(ies) that are not directly in partnership with Let's Go Designs, Inc.. The personal information we request/require, (unless clearly noted as promotional requests), is strictly used for efficiently processing your LGD order and maintaining your account information. At present the only direct partner of our LGD web site, that will also receive you personal information, is PayPal, which is secure. (Please review PayPal's Privacy Policy on their site).

Note again: Any and all advertisers, organizations and/or causes that are featured on the LGD web site will not be given any of your personal information whatsoever. However, as some of these advertisers, organizations and/or causes on the LGD web site may offer the ability to link directly to their respective sites, Let's Go Designs, Inc. is not responsible or liable for any information you choose to offer on those sites. We recommend that you review each site's privacy policy before submitting "your personal information".

LGD Web Site Special Promotions: You will note on the LGD web site that there are various "click-on" areas for you to upload pictures, stories, comments, etc. Before submitting the requested information for these special promotional requests, please know upon LGD receiving the specific pictures/written information, they become the property of Let's Go Designs, Inc. for web site only publication/exposure. In the event Let's Go Designs, Inc. would want to use any of this promotional information, for any other use than the LGD web site, you will be contacted directly by a Let's Go Designs, Inc. executive.

Mailing List: The LGD web site extends an invitation to each customer and web site visitor to become a part of our LGD Mailing List to receive information on new LGD designs, special promotions, events and newsletter. If you do not want to receive any of the LGD information, please do not submit your information within the "Mailing List" section on the LGD web site. If in error you receive any LGD special mailings, please contact: to be removed from the mailing list.